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  • Sandal Washing Instructions

    All KEEN water sandals (both leather and polyester webbing upper) are machine washable on a gentle cycle, in cold water and with a mild detergent. Also, allow to air dry. We've taken great care to develop leather uppers that will not crack, shrink, or stretch when washed.

  • Caring for Waterproof Shoes

    To enhance product performance, we recommend cleaning your footwear in cold water with mild soap or detergent, and then let air dry without heat.

    I just bought your waterproof shoes, do they need extra protection?

    Waterproofing is not necessary at first, but after some wear we recommend treating your shoes with a silicone based waterproofing spray like Nikwax in order to keep the boot protected and stain-free. Moreover, we suggest the spray be applied once every three months. 

  • Caring for Leather

    We've carefully selected leather uppers designed to last. Then again, if you're wearing your KEENS daily, they won't always be scuff and dirt-free. We recommend using a nubuck leather cleaner and conditioner like Nikwax or Saddle Soap. These products can be found online and at most footwear retailers. 

  • Caring for Synthetics

    We recommend cleaning these products with mild soap and cold water. To remove excess dirt or to spot clean, use a stiff brush or soft cloth. Let shoes air dry without heat.

  • Caring for Wool and Canvas

    Wool shoes should be cleaned with light brushing. If they are really soiled, use a spot-removing foam, then brush them. Please do not put wool shoes in the washing machine.

    For canvas, we recommend gently brushing the shoe with a soft, damp sponge to remove loose dirt. Stains should be treated immediately with a gentle cleaner. Like wool, we do not recommend machine-washing.

  • Caring for Footbeds

    After extended use, we recommend you remove the footbed, wash by hand using a soft cloth and light detergent, and then let air dry without heat. Please do not machine-wash. 

    Do you offer replacement footbeds?

    Yes! We're excited to announce we are currently selling replacement insoles through our website. Follow the link below in order to view our selection.

  • Use and Care FAQs

    My KEEN footwear squeaks. Is there a remedy?

    Occasionally the slick material in our shoes slides around and creates a noise with each footstep. To remedy the situation, start by removing the footbed, take a small piece of medium grit sand paper and gently buff the leather lining around the bottom of the shoe interior. Rough up the bottom of the footbed in the same way.

    If this doesn’t work, the squeak is probably coming from the outsole, which could indicate a defect in workmanship. If you believe you have a defective pair of shoes, we encourage you to file a warranty claim

    My shoes smell funny. What can I do?

    If your shoes smell funny you can remove and machine wash the footbeds on a gentle cycle, then air dry. Then rub tea tree essential oil into the upper lining of the shoe and on the footbeds. You may also try Odor Eaters Powder applied directly to the inside of the shoes after wearing them. If your shoes do not have a removable foot bed, then you can hand wash the inside of the shoe with a gentle cleaning agent first.

    If your KEEN water sandals smell funny, you can machine wash them with mild detergent in cold water on a gentle cycle. Then, air dry your sandals out of direct sunlight. Another option is hand-washing your sandals in the sink with NikWax Base Wash, an odor eliminating product for synthetic materials used in outdoor gear. When the sandals are clean and dry, you can rub tea tree essential oil into the upper lining and footbed for extra help.