KEEN Quiz: Which Type of Camper Are You??
KEEN Quiz: Which Type of Camper Are You??

KEEN Quiz: Which Type of Camper Are You??

Campers come in all shapes and sizes, ages, and genders. Some people grow up camping every weekend of the summer, while others live well into adulthood without ever being introduced to the joys of sleeping on the ground and bathrooming outside.

Here at KEEN, we believe that the outdoors are for everyone. Whether you’re the type that wants to get out into nature for weeks at a time or the kind that just wants to see what it’s like to sleep out in the woods for a night. Take our quiz to see what type of camper you are (or maybe what type you want to become).

1. If you had to choose one thing to take with you camping, what would it be?

a. I can’t live without my pillow.

b. My faithful hiking boots.

c. A tarp. You just never know when you’re going to need one.

d. Comfy camp slides. They really complete the experience. 

e. S’mores kit. Because without s’mores is it even camping?

2. Pick the set of words that best describes your personality.

a. Go-with-the-flow. Chill. Sometimes your friends refer to you as nomadic.

b. Active. Focused. Adventurous. You enjoy being surprised and awe-inspired by nature.

c. Down for anything. Resourceful. Curious. You love thinking on your feet.

d. Leisurely. Sophisticated. You are a notorious over-packer.

e. Eager. Fun-loving. Sociable. (An opportunity to make new friends? Yes please.)

3. How does your dream camping day begin?

a. Making some coffee in bed and enjoying the sounds of the birds chirping.

b. Waking up when the sun hits my eyelids, pulling on my favorite shorts (the ones I wore yesterday too), and eating an energy bar before I hit the trail.

c. Sleeping in a little bit and then strolling around outside in my underwear (as I wait for your little stove to heat up some water for coffee).

d. Is that the smell of waffles?

e. Hearing the clanking of other campers’ pots and pans like a gentle good morning alarm.

4. If you had to describe your ideal camping sleep situation, what would it be?

a. I like to feel like I am nestled in a cocoon, preferably one that has my favorite sheets.

b. I can sleep anywhere. On anything.

c. It’s great if the sleeping area is flat but sometimes you need to sacrifice that for an epic view.

d. The bigger the bed, the better. Plush pillows preferred.

e. A crowded sleep space is really best for me. A couple of kids, a dog, a few pairs of smelly socks.

5. How long are you comfortable going without a shower?

a. Just heat up a pan of warm water every other day or so and I am good to go. Or did you know that truck stops have showers?

b. A cold dip in an alpine lake every couple of days is really all I need.

c. Nobody is even around so why would I need to shower? It can wait until I’m back home.

d. You mean a bath? I really prefer a tub.

e. It’s really not about me, it's about the kids. They need a shower practically every day while we’re camping.

6. It’s time for dinner. What do you make?

a. We could always just pick up a pizza and eat it while we watch the sunset somewhere.

b. If it’s a really special night, I’ll go for that freeze-dried packet of stroganoff.

c. Some sautéed veggies and that fresh-caught trout would be perfect.

d. Braised pork shank with wild mushrooms of course! (And while we’re at it, a craft cocktail consisting of freshly picked seasonal herbs muddled in my favorite liquor.)

e. I go for the classics. Hot dogs grilled over the fire and some fresh watermelon.

7. Fill in the blank: I go camping so that I can ______.

a. Explore! I love to turn down an unmarked dirt road and see where it leads.

b. Test my limits. And see beautiful parts of our planet while I’m at it.

c. Find solitude. Spending time in nature with only a few friends around is perfection for me.

d. Visit a new place. I love seeing a different view for a while.

e. Meet up with friends and family. A big campout is my idea of a good time.

8. What piece of camping gear are you dreaming of getting next?

a. Solar panel starter kit

b. Ultralight tent

c. Portable toilet

d. Travelling cocktail kit

e. One of those foldable camp kitchens that has a little washbasin!


If you answered mostly “a,” you’re likely an All About That Van Life camper. You love to pick a spot on the map and just go. But at the end of the day, you like to simply find a nice flat spot to park and climb into bed. Your two favorite things about camping by van? 1) New adventures are just a drive away. 2) A mini-fridge full of cold drinks anytime? Priceless. (Don’t have a van yet but pretty sure it’s in your future? Check out this adventure guide from KEEN fans Kendal and Collin Strachan to see if the van lifestyle is right for you.)

If you answered mostly “b,” you might just be the type of camper we call a Sufferfest Backpacker. For you, camping is all about pushing yourself and setting up your tent in the most remote part of the wilderness. You love solitude and being self-sustaining. Sore feet? Tired back? Those are just part of the experience—part of the challenge. It’s all worth it for the pristine views and sense of accomplishment.

If you answered mostly “c,” you may be Dispersed Camping-Curious. Finding that perfect camp spot is part of the fun for you. Plus, you love that a forest pass and good instincts are all you need in order to snag that epic spot. No campground fee required. Your offline maps app is full of saved locations that you can escape to on weekends when you need a little peace and quiet. You are respectful of nature and always leave a dispersed campsite better than you found it.

If you answered mostly “d,” you’re probably a Cabin Connoisseur. You love the outdoors, but you also love your creature comforts. For you, a cabin in the woods is all about spending some time in nature without that dirty feet and bug bite side of things. A hike here or there or mushroom foraging is great, as long as there is a cozy fireplace waiting for you at the end of the day.

If you answered mostly “e,” you could be the type of camper we call a Car Camping Guru. S’mores, playing cards by lantern light, telling ghost stories around the campfire. Now that’s your idea of camping. You’ve got a killer pack list and a big ol’ cooler to put everything in. For you, it’s all about spending time with family, old friends, new friends, dogs, and the occasional nature dweller that comes around to sniff your trash. Dirt in your sandals and some sap on your pants are all part of the fun.

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