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For Good

For many, running a craft brewery sounds like a dream job. And it is, according to the owners of Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC). But with all of the good things (like, of course, the end product) comes hard work, long days and the occasional dangerous mishaps.

Check out their story and find out how KCBC is not only brewing good beer, but doing great things in their local community of Bushwick, NY and beyond.

KCBC Co-Owner / The Businessman

A Midwest product, Tony spent years in the service industry managing coffee shops around the country. At KCBC, he's the numbers guy, making sure the books are right, the bills are paid and the front of the house is on track. He's also the mind behind the recipe for KCBC's Tiger Thunder Double IPA.

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Leavenworth Internal Met

Davenport 6" All Leather


KCBC Co-Owner / The Mad Scientist

A transplant from SoCal, Pete's a former marine and molecular biologist. He's the one who makes sure the brew process runs smoothly and, most importantly according to him, everything stays clean. When you drink too many of KCBC's Robot Fish Session IPAs, you can blame him for coming up with it.

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Tacoma XT

Mt. Vernon

KCBC Co-Owner / The Marketer

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Zach's a former advertising and marketing professional. He spends his days making sure people know about the brand—from the website and social media, to pounding the pavement and knocking on doors of local bars. He's the one you can thank for helping you find a new comfort zone with KCBC's Extremely Dangerous Precedent Double IPA.

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