Every product has an impact. And we’re on a path to lighten it. It’s a long journey, and we are definitely not there yet, but our team of difference-makers is dedicated to better. Better technologies for performance on the trail, better leather from our tanneries, and a better future for the next generation.

  • Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) are commonly used to repel water on outdoor gear. But these compounds are suspected carcinogens and degrade very slowly in the environment, so we’ve switched to alternative chemistry that’s safe and performs just as well. Today, we are over 95% PFC-free.

  • Tanning leather is a dirty process. That’s why we source our hides from Leather Working Group-certified tanneries that use processes to reduce chemical use and the impact on our watersheds.

  • We’ve turned to nature to eliminate pesticides and biocides from going into the environment. Our footbeds are infused with probiotic technology that naturally breaks down odor in sweat without heavy metals or hazardous chemicals.