From sourcing to production, we make focused efforts to extend KEEN Effect where we manufacture our products. ISA TanTec is a shining example of a great partner. Like KEEN, they care about the world around them. In 2016, we organized our first ever KEEN Effect volunteer project with ISA TanTec. More than 50 volunteers worked along the Xi River, cleaning up litter and planting trees close to their tannery in Heshan, China.

  • Spotlight//SMALLING LUO

    “Smalling Luo works to find alternative green chemistry substitutions suitable for our products. His values speak loudly and his dedication to bringing the KEEN Effect values to life in China is inspiring. It’s thanks to Smalling that we now use natural probiotic technology to fight foot funk.

  • KEEN effect IN ACTION

    Recycling & Repurposing Waste at Our Portland Factory Can we achieve zero waste at our Portland, Ore. Factory and simultaneously benefit local non-profits? Before we started this project, approximately 59 percent of the factory’s waste was being diverted from the landfill. After teaming-up with the Onramp Institute, more than 81 percent of the factory’s waste is being recycled or repurposed. We have also significantly reduced the factory’s trash bill with potential savings in “six-figures” over the next three years. While there is more work to be done to achieve zero waste, we’re proud of the progress and more importantly, the new non-profit partnerships that we’ve created. Habitat for Humanity picks up our discarded wood pallets and uses them to build bed frames and we are currently exploring the idea with our local food bank to re-use our discarded shipping boxes to distribute food and clothing to families in need.