Core KEEN Effect Partners


    As a Pinnacle Member of the Conservation Alliance, we help lead the outdoor industry in its collective effort to protect North America's wild places for their habitat and recreation values.

    KEEN Effect Partner since 2005


    Our partnership with Leave No Trace puts essential education and programmes into public lands around the world to protect trails, parks, and open spaces for future generations to enjoy

    KEEN Effect Partner Since 2005


    Supporting American Whitewater for over a decade has resulted in a working legacy of protecting and restoring rivers across the North America.

    KEEN Effect Partner Since 2005


    Our partnership with Forest Park Conservancy helps ensure that our backyard — the largest forested urban park in the nation — is cared for.

    KEEN Effect Partner Since 2006

  • Outdoor Afro

    Our partnership with Outdoor Afro helps to celebrate and inspire African American connections and leadership in nature, creating a more inclusive and diverse audience in our open spaces.

    KEEN Effect Partner Since 2012


    Supporting Outdoor Alliance's work means protecting the places we play as outdoor enthusiasts, and ensuring these national public lands are owned and shared by all.

    KEEN Effect Partner Since 2017


    Our partnership with Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society supports protecting Canada’s public land and water, and ensuring their parks are managed to protect the national treasures within them.

    KEEN Effect Partner Since 2006

  • EOCA

    Our partnership helps European Outdoor Conservation Association bring together the European outdoor industry to work for the protection and conservation of wild landscapes and incredible environments around the world.

    KEEN Effect Partner Since 2008

  • Mirai No Mori

    Our partnership with Morai No Mori helps to create life-changing outdoor programmes for abused, neglected, and orphaned youths in Japan, supporting their growth into happy and successful young adults.

    KEEN Effect Partner Since 2014

  • Newport Festivals Foundation

    Sharing a namesake with our iconic Newport sandal, our newest partnership helps build the legacy, innovation and culture of American folk music through education and instrument donations that help kids plug-in (or unplug) to find creative expression.

    KEEN Effect Partner Since 2018

  • NL Cares

    NL Cares believes in a society in which we are open for each other. They offer flexible volunteer work for individuals and businesses. This gives people the opportunity to get in touch with people that need extra support. With becoming an official partner, KEEN supports the NL Cares mission to make a long-term local impact. Every KEEN Employee has the opportunity to join NL Care activities during working hours to increase the support.

    KEEN EFFECT Partner Since 2017

  • It’s Great Out There Coalition

    The It’s Great Out There Coalition was founded in 2017 by the EOG together with KEEN and other industry partners to help facilitate and promote outdoor activities within Europe.  As well as delivering sustained consumer facing campaign activity, the coalition is directly supporting grass roots initiatives in Europe that meet the coalition’s key aims and objectives. 

    KEEN EFFECT Partner Since 2017