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What Kind of Men’s Work Boot Should You Get?

The first thing to determine when choosing a pair of work boots is the kind of work you do and what you need them to do. A waterproof boot looks the same as a puncture-plated boot but neither would serve their purposes if worn in the wrong working context. If you’re not required to have a boot with a met guard on it, there’s reason to carry around that extra weight.

Aside from the specialized features that match your working needs, the boot height – high-cut or low-ankle boot – also affects functionality. For instance, low-cut boots offer more mobility for when requires a lot of walking around, while high-cut boots are better at offering ankle support and keeping out cold and moisture.

Material & Construction

The quality of a work boot’s material is crucial to the amount of safety and durability the boot can offer. This is why it’s important to think about the type of material used for the upper, midsole and outsole when choosing the right boot for the right job. Common materials used in uppers include premium leather, proprietary textiles, mesh, and steel or aluminum for safety toes.

Efficient and durable outsoles are often crafted from high-quality leather. Features such as insulation, electricity and water resistance, and puncture-proofing use special materials – look closely at the material specifications on each product if there’s something specific you know you need to have or if you are curious about what elements go into making your future work boots.

The durability of the lacing system depends on the quality of the lace and hooks, and greatly affects your long-term comfort and performance on the job site.

Comfort & Fit

Even though comfort isn’t always associated with work boots, our KEEN Utility designers are obsessed with offering comfort as well as function. Foot sized and width differ from person to person and these days there’s no reason why you can’t have it all. Choose the pair that not only gives you the protection and functionality required for your job but also keeps your feet well-supported and comfortable on the job.

Regardless of why you choose a certain type of work boot, KEEN Footwear will make sure you get your money’s worth. If you order the wrong size, we have easy returns. If your work shoes suffer a materials flaw or manufacturing defect, complete our easy 1-year warranty process. There’s every reason to try on a pair of KEEN Utility work boots.