Adventures are the foundation for memories that connect us.

Outdoor adventures connect

Adventures are the foundation for memories that connect us as a family. Explore the adventure stories of families from around the world. Let them inspire you to share your adventure story with others!

Win a customised collection of KEEN footwear (prize value up to €500/ £450) for both you and your family and enjoy your next adventure together!

For a chance to win simply click on the ‘Share your adventure story’ button on the world map to share your family adventure with us and the opportunity to have your story published on the 'KEEN Trail' map.


It doesn't need a journey around the world to experience great adventures. These fans show you how to.

"I got taken on a surprise birthday trip by my Wife to Iceland. The landscape is just beautiful, the water so pure and the Gullfoss waterfall was simply stunning!"

"Spent the night on the Continental Divide. Abbot Pass Hut is the 2nd highest permanent habitable structure in Canada. This was definitely the most exhilarating hike we’ve done and the most rewarding!"

"We did an amazing short hike with the teenagers on the Grönsöö Island in Sweden and did spot deer and visit the castle."

For more adventures together

It’s all about togetherness and the experiences that help to grow our world together. It’s about inspiring each other to find the courage to plunge down a river rock slide reliving the thrill of being a kid again and evoking cherished memories that you will laugh about for years later! Our memories are priceless and much bigger than the destination itself.