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  • TARGHEE FAMILY: What is the difference between the Targhee styles?


    What is the difference between the Targhee III, Targhee EXP and Targhee VENT?

    These three styles are built from the same last and share the same fit, support and structure. The differences are in the upper materials used. The Targhee VENT is designed for warmer days and does not feature our KEEN.DRY membrane, therefore this may have a more generous fit to that of the Targhee III and Targhee EXP.

    Targhee III: The majority of the upper material is leather with a combination of mesh (synthetic)

    Targhee EXP: The upper material is predominately mesh (synthetic), with leather trim to the collar for added comfort and durability.

    Targhee VENT: The upper material is mesh panels (synthetic), please keep in mind that this style does not have a KEEN.DRY membrane and therefore may have a more generous fit to that of the Targhee III and Targhee EXP

    What is the difference between the Targhee II and the Targhee III / Targhee EXP / Targhee VENT?

    The main difference is the outsole. The Targhee III / EXP / VENT has a more flexible outsole than that of the Targhee II. The outsole of the Targhee III / EXP / VENT provides more stability, specifically downhill.

  • The Newport Sandal FAQ

    What is the difference between the various Newport Sandals?

    All our Newport’s are built from the same last and share the same fit, support and structure. The differences are in the materials used.

    Newport Sandal  Leather upper, compression molded EVA midsole with microfibre insole cover
    Newport H2  Polyester webbing upper, metatomical EVA insoles
    Newport Eco  Recycled P.E.T. polyester webbing upper, metatomical molded EVA insoles
    Newport Hydro  Polyester webbing upper with quick-dry lining for active use
    Newport Neo  Polyester webbing upper, lightweight, specially designed for children eather upper,
     compression molded EVA midsole with microfibre insole cover

    Can the Newport be used for backpacking and thru-hiking?The Newport and Newport H2 are both built with the same last so they will fit and feel almost identical in support and structure. The differences are in the materials used. The Newport is built with leather straps and a microfibre footbed for maximum comfort. The Newport H2 was built for the water, so instead of leather, the straps are built with nylon webbing and microfibre. The H2 footbed uses an EVA material instead of microfiber. The result: Newport H2 dries much faster than the original Newport. 

    Versatility is part of the Newport design, but it completely depends on your personal hiking needs and preferences. Some backpackers and thru-hikers pack a pair of Newports to wear in wet conditions or while in camp. Generally, people will wear an enclosed hiking boot or shoe and just bring the Newport to supplement that. We recommend medium to light day hikes with the Newport.

    How do you wash the Newport?

    All KEEN water sandals are machine washable. We have taken great care to develop leather uppers that will not crack, shrink or stretch when washed. Even KEEN leather Newport sandals are machine washable! Use a small amount of detergent, wash on gentle cycle and air dry.

    Have there been any changes to the Newport?

    The Newport design has not changed since we released it in 2003. In the production year of 2008 we switched manufacturing locations and some customers who were on the edge of their size ended up needing to size up after that. This is the same time that we officially started suggesting a 1/2 size up from your normal KEEN size, but they have always fit a little small.

    Does the Newport use any odour control?

    Yes, in the past we have used an antimicrobial in our sandal styles that is meant to keep odour to a minimum. We were not impressed with the potential environmental impact of the substances used to remain odour-free though, so we do not use the heavy duty odour control you may find in other footwear because of the environmental impact (since our sandals are likely to be found on trails and in natural environments). As a result, we have discontinued the use of antimicrobial materials altogether and have switched to a natural pro-biotic odour control method called Cleansport NXT. 

  • What is the difference between waterproof, water-resistant and water repellent?
    • Water-resistant: ability to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely
    • Water-repellent: not easily penetrated by water, especially as a result of being treated for such a purpose with a surface coating
    • Waterproof: impervious to water.

    All KEEN products that feature either a KEEN.DRY® membrane or a membrane are waterproof. This feature is available across all KEEN collections on selected styles.  


  • Leather shoes/boots: Additional information

    All of our products are made from quality natural leather therefore slight variations in the colour and texture of the leather are subject to change from hide to hide. This is part of the natural beauty of leather.

  • Why do my new KEEN shoes smell like vanilla?

    We’re on a detox journey to minimize our impact on the planet. Out of the six classes of the most toxic chemicals in consumer products, we’ve eliminated five, and we’re working on the last one: solvents.

    This means rethinking the way shoes are usually made — like fusing parts of the sole together without any toxic glues and solvents. Instead, our KEEN.FUSION construction uses high temperatures to create a longer-lasting bond. We are happy that it has a lighter impact on the planet, but we noticed that this process caused a burnt rubber smell. We added a non-toxic vanilla fragrance, because we think vanilla simply smells a lot better than rubber.

    We know many people have a personal preference and sensitivity when it comes to scents. If it’s a bit strong for you, we suggest putting the shoes outside on a back porch or balcony for a short period of time.

    To learn more about the steps we’re taking to reduce our impact, read our latest impact report.

    KEEN has a Restricted Substances Policy that goes beyond global standards. See it HERE.

  • Do you offer wide shoes?

    The widest size we manufacture is E (for UK H). However, KEEN’s run wide to begin with, so we offer styles that have been known to comfortably accommodate a 3/4E size foot. To view our selection select the 'wide' icon underneath the size buttons on the left side of each product page. 

    Widest fit in each category:

    Hiking – Galleo
    Sandals – Arroyo II

    Where are all of your WIDE sizes in women’s?

    As of now we do not offer a 'wide' collection for Women in Europe. However, we are working really hard to add additional options.

    *Women's fit tip: A men's shoe is technically a women's wide and 2 size larger (i.e. if you're a women's US9, you will be a men's US7). So, depending on your size, you may be able to choose from our men's styles for a wider fit.

    Size chart:

    Men's regular - D (standard width)
    Men's wide - E (widest KEEN option)

    Women's regular – B/C (standard width)

  • Are the sizes displayed on your website UK or US sizes?

    When shopping on our UK site all sizes displayed will be UK sizing. To ensure you are on the UK site please check that the UK flag is selected. The flag can be found at the top left hand side of the site. If you are using a mobile device the flag can be found by clicking on the menu bar located at the top left hand side.

  • Which KEEN styles work best with my orthotics?

    Many of our shoes feature removable insoles, which are ideal for orthotics. To check if a style has a removable insole check out the "features" section on any product page.

  • How does your sizing work for kids?

    Our kids sizing is broken down into four categories:

    FOR UK

    Baby - Sizes UK 1-4

    Toddler - Sizes UK 3-6

    Younger Kids - Sizes UK 7-12

    Older Kids - Sizes UK 13-6

    All other EU countries

    Baby - Sizes EU 17-20

    Toddler - Sizes EU 3-6

    Younger Kids - Sizes EU 24-31

    Older Kids - Sizes EU32/33-39

  • What is the biggest shoe size KEEN makes?

    We offer some shoes in up to a Men’s size US17 (EU49 / UK16) and a Women’s size US12 (EU43 / UK 9). It is best to search by size on the Men’s or Women’s landing pages to see what shoes are available in your specific size.

  • What is the difference between EVA and PU?

    KEEN mid-soles will be made up of EVA or PU materials. Both provide excellent comfort, but there are key differences between the two. 

    PU (Polyurethane)

    PU is an organic polymer known for its resilience and compression resistance. It is slightly heavier with a higher density, but in footwear it excels when it comes to durability. PU will provide you with the "millionth step comfort". 

    EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)

    EVA is a synthetic polymer known for its superior cushioning. It is a lightweight polymer, which still maintains excellent shock absorption. Due to its lower density structure, EVA can compress over time, which means it will start providing less support after significant wear. EVA will provide you with a superior lightweight cushioning.

  • How can I find a replacement for a discontinued style?

    My KEEN footwear has been discontinued. Where can I find advise on a similar, alternate or replacement style?

    Original Style: Alternate style:
    Bryce: Gypsum II, Targhee III and EXP, Venture collection
    Saltzmann: Targhee III / EXP, Westward, Mercer Lace II CNX, Terradora, Venture collection
    Koven: Oakridge
    Versavent: Venture or Terradora

    Please note that above are suggestions only are and not an identical replacement. Our recommendations are based on the alternate style having the most features in common and/or a similar in the fit.

  • Do you offer vegan shoes?

    We do offer leather and wool-free shoes; however, we do not have vegan certified shoes. Shoes can have up to 40 components that all need to be verified as vegan, and the sources of these components can change season to season.

    To check if a style is leather-free check out the "features" section on any product page.