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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Product Warranty

    Can I buy replacement laces?

    Yes, please see shop for laces at the KEEN Online Official Store.


    Can I get my KEEN shoes re-soled?

    Although we would love to be able to re-sole our favorite KEEN shoes, the technology and construction we use on our outsoles does not permit us to replace them.


    Does KEEN offer replacement footbeds?

    At this time we do not offer replacement footbeds. We have found that Spenco and Superfeet both offer a good selection of replacement options. It may help to clean your current insoles; just remove them from the shoes and soak them in warm water with a mild detergent, gently scrubbing with a soft brush or washcloth. Try some tea tree essential oil, a non-allergenic natural antiseptic, rubbed into the dry insole.


    How do I submit a Warranty Claim?


  • What is the scope of the KEEN Product Warranty?

    Scope of KEEN Product Warranty


    KEEN offers the below warranty up to one year from the date of purchase on all of our products, as long as your product was purchased from an authorized KEEN dealer.


    Your product is guaranteed against any product flaw or manufacturing defect, or damage that occurred during normal use or care of the product (according to product care instructions).


    In order to make use of the warranty service, you must present the receipt (or packing slip in the case of an online order) received at the time of purchase. Please keep receipts and packing slips in a safe place for future reference.


    Please be aware that the warranty does not apply to products purchased from a seller that is not an authorized KEEN dealer; for products damaged through misuse, accident, modification, unauthorized repair; or in the following specific examples:


    Examples of cases outside the scope of the warranty:

    • Product manufacture date 2 or more years ago (regardless of purchase date)
    • Proof of purchase date and place of purchase in the form of a receipt or packing slip is not available
    • Product received as a gift
    • Wear & tear of laces and straps, stitching, outsoles, insoles or linings; color fading; shrinkage or print peeling in EVA products (such as YOGUI and SHANTI)
    • Product damaged through misuse, accident, modification, unauthorized repair, non-recommended usage, or while in storage
    • Product purchased at outlets, family sales or other flash sale events, online sale campaigns, flea markets, or auctions, or product purchased after the product is no longer being manufactured or sold
    • Product for which fit & feel has changed as a result of usage over time (please pay attention to fit & feel at time of purchase)
    • Product for which manufacturing label is illegible, lost or removed
    • Product which was received in exchange as a result of invoking the warranty service against another product


    If for some reason it is difficult to contact the authorized KEEN dealer at which the product was originally purchased, please submit a warranty claim directly through form located on the KEEN Online store at Warranty Claim Form.

  • KEEN Online Warranty Claim Form

    For warranty claims, please complete the form below.


    Incomplete information may create delays or even render the claim unable to be processed, so please provide as much information as possible.


    After you submit your claim, you will be given a Warranty Claim Reference Number (WARA No) that is required to check the status of your claim. Please allow 10 business days for a KEEN warranty specialist to process your claim.




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