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  • What are KEEN Online’s shipping details?


    KEEN pays for all shipping.

    • All KEEN Online orders are shipped anywhere in the country for FREE, via Yamato Transport. (There are special cases where free shipping does not apply.)
    • All shipments by Kuroneko Yamato.
    • KEEN Online Store Japan does not make international shipments


    Shipment Confirmation Email:

    • Once the order has been shipped, you will receive a Shipment Confirmation Email that includes a tracking number you may use to track your package via Yamato Transport.


    Estimated Time for Delivery:

    • Generally, deliveries take 2-5 business days from the time of your order.
    • Our delivery facilities are closed on weekend, public holidays, year End/New year, Obon and Golden week.


    For Convenience Store Payment orders:

    • Once the Convenience Store settlement email has been sent, the order must be paid within 7 days. Orders not paid for after 7 days are automatically canceled.
    • Once we receive confirmation of payment at the convenience store, we proceed with shipping.
    • If 5 business days have passed since payment but you have not yet received a Shipment Confirmation Email, please contact our customer service.


    Other important information regarding shipping includes:

    • Shipping delays are sometimes unavoidable when shipping to distant islands, in case of snow, heavy rain or disasters, and heavy traffic periods such as Year End/New Year, Obon and Golden Week etc.
    • Shipments are made as quickly as possible, so we are unable to respond to requests for expedited delivery or specific delivery times.
    • For shipments that are unable to be delivered within the grace period allowed by Yamato Transport (1 week after Shipment Confirmation Email is sent) due to inability to reach the customer, the products will be returned to us and the order automatically canceled. In such cases no further notification is sent to the customer, and it would be difficult to re-send the shipment. If you still would like the product, please order again.
    • Note that in cases where we are unable to contact the customer for delivery over long periods of time or in which the customer refuses to accept the ordered products, we may remove permission for further orders on the online store.
    • KEEN Online Store Japan does not make international shipments.
  • How can I track my order?


    There are various ways to track your order.


    Visit the website:

    If you have created an account with us, information about your open orders, tracking and past orders is available online in the My Account section.


    Check your email:

    You will receive emails regarding the status of your order at the address you entered during checkout. 


    Track you order via Yamato website:

    Using the tracking number listed in the My Account section of the website (after logging in) or in the Shipment Confirmation Email, please check your package status at Yamato:

       Click here


    Contact us:

    KEEN’s Customer Service experts can check your package’s status for you. Please contact us at 0120-530-570 or via email at


    (If 5 business days have passed since payment but you have not yet received a Shipment Confirmation Email, please contact our customer service.)

  • What is a Post-order Out-of-Inventory Message?

    Post-order Out-of-Inventory Message


    In rare cases, it is possible that a product listed as inventory available at the time of purchase may turn out to be out-of-inventory. In such cases, we will send an Out-of-Inventory Email explaining that we are unable to ship the product.


  • Does KEEN Online ship product internationally?

    No International Shipping


    KEEN Online Store Japan does not make international shipments, nor accept payment from outside of Japan.

  • How can I cancel an order?

    Canceling Orders


    Regarding the cancelation of online store orders:


    We accept order cancelations via either email or phone call.


    We are unable to change individual product in an order once the order has been made (for instance, removing just one of multiple products or changing size or color). In such cases the entire order needs to be canceled and the desired product ordered again.


    Also, we are unable to recall product once the order has been shipped, and therefore cannot cancel an order at that stage. In such cases, the product must be delivered and then a return must be made.


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