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    What is KEEN’s commitment to sustainability?

    Our commitment focuses on the Community, Environment and Growth. Special emphasis is placed on sustainable product development, strategic sourcing options, impactful community outreach, and a progressive work environment. These collective efforts help to ensure that we meet new and emerging national and international standards.


    Where are KEEN shoes, bags and socks made?

    The majority of our products are made in China and Vietnam. We are making strides to evolve our manufacturing and distribution processes to a regional model. A new manufacturing facility has been established in the United States.


    Where do I go for more information?

    You may contact us at 0120-530-570.



    Does KEEN have a sourcing policy or workplace code of conduct?

     Yes, we have a workplace code of conduct to help us ensure that KEEN contract manufacturing facilities meet our labor and environmental standards.


    Who ensures that fair labor standards are met?

     KEEN embraces internal monitoring to ensure that our contract manufacturing facilities meet our labor and environmental standards. We are in contact with all our manufacturing partners, and visit them regularly.


    What are factory workers paid who make KEEN products?

     KEEN works with contract manufacturing facilities that share a commitment to the betterment of wage and benefit levels that address the basic needs of workers. We find achieving our expectations in this area challenging. KEEN is committed to the process of continual improvements and being transparent about the issues we face.




    Are KEEN products green and sustainable?

     KEEN has several initiatives focusing on sustainability. We are reducing the amount of waste in manufacturing our products. We are harvesting our and others’ waste streams for use in new shoes and bags. Lastly, we are using materials with sustainable attributes whenever possible.


    Is KEEN monitoring its carbon footprint?

     Yes, we monitor our greenhouse gas emissions, with an emphasis on transportation. Our goal is to look beyond carbon neutrality and focus our efforts on reducing our overall footprint through product innovation, use of recycled and/or natural materials and a focus on efficiency in production and transportation


    Does KEEN make its products as part of a closed loop process?

     A “closed loop cycle” reuses or recycles everything used to make a product. KEEN would like to move toward a model of product stewardship where materials circulate in closed loop cycles. We’ve established four key initiatives as guideposts on this journey, which focus on 1) reducing and mitigating our waste, 2) integrating more materials with sustainable attributes into our products, 3) monitoring and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and 4) optimizing our transportation of products.




    What is KEEN doing to give back to communities around the world?

     KEEN established a giving program in 2004 called Hybrid.Care. We partner with non-profit organizations around the world to help turn ideals into actions. From getting youth into the outdoors, to protecting land for its environmental and recreational value, to giving bikes to kids in need, we stand beside our partners, actively working for change instead of hoping for it from the sidelines. Click Here to learn more.


    How much money and in-kind donations does KEEN give each year?

     Each year we target close to 1% of our profits, which includes cash, products and in-kinds services, to a variety of non-profit organizations, community groups and volunteers around the world that reflect our shared philosophy of caring, conscience and sustainability.


    Where do KEEN’s charitable donations go?

     We donate money and time to a variety of social and environmental causes. You can learn more about the many non-profit organizations that we support by visiting Hybrid.Care on our website.


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