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    *Cleansport NXT™ is a trademark of The Stewart Group
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    The following list of products and patents may not be inclusive as additional patents may be pending in the United States and elsewhere. In addition, one or more patents may protect other KEEN products not listed here.

    Newport®/Newport H2/Clearwater/Venice/Whisper/Nashobal/Gallatin/Arroyo/Owyhee/Kanyon Protected by US Patents and others: 7,234,251 7,762,011 8,533,976 AU-2004200958 CA-2,460,932 CN-ZL200410030114.8 JP-4851688 JP-5417042 EU 1603739

    Newport®/Newport H2/Elsa Protected by US Patent and others: D496,523 D498,575 D583,544 8,533,976 OHIM-000116215-0001 OHIM-000116215-0002 EU 1603739

    Rose Slide/Rose/Bali/Waimea Protected by US Patents and others: 6,990,753 D528,748 D663,107 OHIM-000306295-0001 CA-2570198 JP-2007516740

    Yogui /Yogui Arts/Shanti Arts Protected by US Patents and others: 7,513,064 7,997,009 8,533,976 D500,399 D522,723 AU-2004259029 OHIM-1646295 JP-4908209 OHIM-000116215-0003

    A86 Protected by US Patents and others: D533,989 D533,712 D586,544 D586,991

    Targhee®/Voyageur/Kaci/Briggs/Portsmouth/Rainier/Tucson/Estacada/Flint/Detroit/Louisville/Wenatchee/Milwaukee/Pyrenees/Wilma/Salem/Oshawa/Presidio/Winterport/Betty/Revel Protected by US Patents and others: 7,290,356 7,762,012 CA-2569894 JP-5148276 JP-5313371, JP-1598959, JP-1598958

    Revel Protected by US Patent 8,950,089

    Targhee III Protected by D831,327 and other pending patents.

    Salem/Wenatchee/Salem/Louisville/Milwaukie/Sheridan/Portland PR Protected by US Patent D701,024.

    Terradora/Terradora Ethos/TrailFit Protected by US pending patents, ECD-003394899-0001, ECD-003394899-0002, China pending patents, Japan pending patents, and others.

    Koven/Gypsum Protected by US Patent D645,655 and other pending patents.

    Durham/Newport/Flint/Slacker Protected by US Patents: D679,481 D679,482 D679,483

    EvoFit One Protected by US pending patents and others and ECD-004244507-0001, ECD-004244507-0002, ECD-004244507-0003, ECD-004244507-0004, ECD-004244507-0005, and ECD-004244507-0006.

    Shoe Packaging Protected by US Patents and others: D539,644 OHIM-0004271410001 OHIM-0004271410002

    KEEN Uneek®/KEEN Uneek O2 Protected by Published US and WIPO Patents and by other patent registrations: US Pub# 2014/0130372 (Patent Pending) U.S. Patent Nos. D737,561, D769590, D798,565, WIPO Pub#2014/074928 (Patent Pending) JP-1510522 ECD-001409239-0001, and others.

    Footwear Measurement Device Protected by US pending patent, ECD-004352110-0001 and ECD-004352110-0002.

    The Sensory Mat Protected by US pending patent.

    Uneek Robot Protected by pending patents in US, Europe, China, and Japan.

    To contact KEEN's legal department, please email legal@fuerstgroup.com