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Which Targhee hiking boot is right for you?

Vented, insulated, leather, or not. We’ve taken the iconic Targhee comfort, fit, and performance and created an entire collection of boots for different purposes and terrain.

Some might say the ideal hiking boot is one you don’t think about. Just a piece of gear. A tool used to reach an overlook or summit. Here at KEEN, we think that boots are more than that. A hiking boot is your connection to the outdoors. A means of getting out there, savoring the trail, enjoying this big beautiful ball we call planet Earth.

Sure, when you’re wearing any of our men's, women's, or kids' Targhee boots, you’re likely not thinking about them (they’re so comfortable, why would you?). But after you get home following a long day on the trail, your thoughts may start to drift to your boots. Why? Because looking at those well-worn, mud-splattered boots by the back door, it's hard not to feel a tug of gratitude. And that’s what Targhee boots are all about.

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