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  • How can I return my order from the UK?

    To get a return form please follow this link



    Please fill in the returns form and add all items you will return to us.

    You can find your order number (KEU, WKEU or PKEU) either on the packing list of your order or in your confirmation email.

    Next, print the returns form and enclose it in the return package. Then, close the return package securely to avoid damaging of the items inside.


    To create a Royal Mail shipping label please follow this link


    It is important that all information are entered correctly. Wrong information can delay the return process!

    If you return several items, select the return reason which is most applicable for the entire return and specify the reasons for each item on the return form.


    Print the shipping label according to the instructions on the Royal Mail website either at home or at the post office.


    Find a nearby post office or Royal Mail customer service point if you scroll down or follow this link: https://www.royalmail.com/services-near-you#/


    You will receive a refund on the account you have used to pay your order with as soon as we have received back the shoes. Please note, all items need to be in a proper condition.




  • Can I cancel my order?

    Many orders are dispatched but are awaiting clearance at the border. In these cases, we can unfortunately not cancel the order any longer.

    When goods are in customs at the border, unfortunately even the forwarder cannot give any estimates on the delays. Please contact our Fan Service department only if 30 days have passed since placing your order.

  • Why take the shipments to UK that much longer?

    We are seeing significant longer delivery times to UK due to time-consuming import customs clearance processes in combination with increasing COVID-19 affections and subsequent rising illness rates at UK logistics companies. 

    All system processes are new to all partners (retailer, webshops, carriers and customers too), which causes a delay in the entire chain. We are informed that an important British customs system might be even in danger of being overloaded.

    Together with our distribution centre we are doing our utmost to get your order through that process.

    Unfortunately, we also have been informed that some carriers have already temporarily stopped transporting to and from the UK till the situation is controllable again which increases the pressure on all other carriers.

    This results in that we cannot give any lead time guarantees.


    Please be informed that our normal delivery time currently cannot be expected until further notice. 


    Our Fan Service Team does its utmost to answer as quick and order- and delivery-specific as possible. Please be aware that every customer question is specific, and due to above circumscribed situation we, unfortunately, also don't have all answers right away.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience. Very much appreciated!


  • How is the long delivery time of my order related to Brexit?

    The Brexit Trade Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union has led to changes in the way goods are transported and shipped between Europe and the UK.

    From 1st January 2021, all shipments are considered imports/ exports and need to go through a customs clearance process before they can cross the border from or to the UK. Because the Brexit deal was finalized shortly before it has come into effect, many customs departments and logistic players did not have sufficient time to prepare for the change. Resulting from that, many shipments are currently still waiting to be processed in the customs departments and cannot be despatched yet.

  • Where is my order?


    Upon receipt of your order the goods will be dispatched usually within two working days. Upon dispatch you receive a UPS tracking ID.

    You can track your order using your UPS tracking ID via: https://www.ups.com/track?loc=en_GB&requester=ST/ but be aware that when the goods are in customs at the border the tracking system cannot provide accurate information.

  • When will my order be dispatched?

    We are processing your order as quickly as we can, usually within two working days. As a result of Brexit your order must go through a customs clearance process at the border. This is a government-controlled process. Unfortunately, nor we nor the forwarder can give you information on the progress at the border.

  • What is the tracking number for my order?


    Your order will be sent with UPS and you should receive email updates about the delivery of your order. Among them, you can find an 18 digit reference starting with 1Z.


    If you did not receive such a number, please contact our customer service.