We investigate. We test. We listen and create. Then we share our vision with the world.

Our Stories Have Soul

When our employees aren’t innovating, producing, or marketing our products, they’re out preserving and protecting the places we live, work and play. So, you could say we’re a little busy, but in a meaningful way. We’re lucky to be able to live many lives, splitting our time between work, play and giving back. And we’re proud to have these stories to share with you.

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Yes, we make great shoes. More importantly, we build amazing careers and support healthy families. Our employees aren’t simply our greatest resource. They’re the reason we do any of this. From our factories to our design offices to our retail floors, our brand is full of people brimming with a passion for excellence, a love for life outside, and a desire to make things better. If that resonates with you, we may just have your dream job waiting.

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    A wonderful mix of left brain and right brain sensibilities, our designers, developers, and product managers exist in constant pursuit of quality, efficiency, and innovation. They dream up the next big things and make them realities.

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    From social media to ambassador stories to fun events with our fans, this team of creators and communicators represents the front lines of our brand experience. They live to share stories, activate on our values, and create positive change.

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    In many ways the center of the KEEN universe, this quickly growing team converges our product and merchandising stories with our brand and ambassador stories to create compelling online experiences and meaningful digital engagements.

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    This isn’t your high school cafeteria. Our team of culinary superheroes prepares brilliantly nutritious and undeniably delicious meals and snacks throughout the work day. From fresh salads to hot cookies, they’re the real reason keen employees are usually smiling.

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    Our retail team members get the ultimate privilege of connecting with our fans each day. They guide customers on fit and performance, collect important insight, and help our designers improve products and surpass our fans’ expectations.

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    The heartbeat of our brand is kept pumping by this team of passionate “people-people” responsible for building our family, fostering our culture, and fertilizing amazing career paths. They show up every day aiming to make life at KEEN even better.