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  • KEEN Product Warranty

    We stand behind all KEEN products and guarantee them to be free from manufacturing defects for one year from the confirmed date of purchase. We ask that you please keep your sales receipt as verification of your purchase!

    If your KEEN product fails because of a defect in material quality or workmanship, we ask that you contact the KEEN retailer of your original purchase to quickly resolve the issue prior to contacting us.

    Warranty Replacement Policy

    - Approved warranty product is replaced at the discretion of KEEN
    - All cash refunds must be obtained through the original purchaser
    - Warranty is only valid to purchases made from an authorized KEEN dealer
    - KEEN is not responsible for any cost, or damages, incurred due to loss of use of the product
    - Product worn past the point of it being able to be repaired voids warranty coverage
    - You will need to keep possession of your shoes until you receive confirmation from us that your  warranty claim has been completed
    - If your claim is approved, you will receive a product voucher in the amount of the original purchase    price to use on or a replacement product (same or comparable) at the discretion  of KEEN
    - A product voucher may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions
    - Coverage ends when you transfer product
    - All KEEN warranty decisions are final

    What is Not Covered

    - Frayed webbing, worn stitching and worn soles due to normal wear
    - Damage that is a result from misuse, normal wear and tear or damage occurred during storage
    - Broken or damaged laces, lace retention devices and worn soles
    - Product acquired from aftermarket sources such as online auction sites, liquidators, consignment shops,  private sellers, salesman samples, promotional products and final sale discontinued product
    - Improper fit. Fit is the responsibility of the owner and should be assured before purchasing the product
    - Comfort issues
    - Any footwear which is more than 2 years after the manufacturing date
    - Products with labels removed
    - Items acquired from KEEN Footwear to satisfy previous warranty claims

  • Warranty Claim

    We make the warranty process simple and easy so you can get back to your adventures. No need to send the product in physically, all you need to do is follow the link below to submit our online warranty claim form.

    Still need help? 

    Our warranty team is here to assist! 
    Phone - 1.855.553.0674
    Email -

  • I do not have my receipt, am I able to submit a warranty claim?

    Do not fear, we have options for you! Our warranty team will accept an online bank statement as a proof-of-purchase. If you are unable to locate an online bank statement, we recommend uploading a photo of the tags on your shoe in the “photo of receipt” field. It is important to note that it will be up to the discretion of the warranty manager as to whether the claim will be approved or denied if a receipt can't be provided. We recommend mentioning in the "detailed description of product defect" box that you are unable to locate proof-of-purchase.

  • Where is my product tag number?

    Your product tag number is located inside the shoe, printed near the size. It will be in the format of 2-3 letters followed by 4 or 6 numbers, whereas the seven-digit number to the left that starts with a '10' will be the style number

    What is a product tag number?

    Your product tag number tells us when and where your shoes were manufactured, so we can verify the origin of your product. We ask for this tag number on our product warranty claim form and it allows us to more quickly get you out a replacement!

    What if I can’t read the numbers on my tag?

    Don’t worry! We understand that over time the tag can wear away, making it difficult to read the numbers. However, you must include some information in the ‘product tag number’ text-box on our warranty claim form or else the claim will not submit. Therefore, if the tag is completely worn off, please put "not legible" or "worn-off" in that field.

  • Why are my KEEN's squeaking?

    Sometimes the insole will rub on the bottom of the shoe and make a squeaky noise!  To fix this, you can try removing the insole and rough up the edges and bottom with medium grit sandpaper - you may also try a little talcum powder or corn starch sprinkled inside, which acts as a dry lubricant to reduce friction.

    If this does not work, and the shoes are less than a year old, this could be a sign of a failing adhesive and we would consider replacing the shoes under our warranty program

  • Do you offer repair services?

    We do not offer repair services at this time, nor do we have replacement hardware to send out. However, If the shoes are under a year old we would consider replacing them through our warranty program. 

    Can this be repaired?

    If you’re unsure about the issue feel free to email us a photo of the shoe in question and we can provide further assistance –

    I took my shoes out of storage and the sole fell off!

    Believe it or not, your shoes require a little love in order to work properly! If the adhesive used in the out-sole is not flexed or used regularly the bond will dry and crack, which can cause the sole to de-laminate. 

    For issues like these we typically recommend a glue called 'barge cement' – a marine adhesive that is flexible and waterproof, so it works quite well for this sort of repair.

  • Do you offer replacement insoles?

    Unfortunately, we currently don't offer replacement insoles through our website. However, we do recommend Superfeet as an alternative as they work well in our shoes. . 


  • How do I get replacement laces?

    We're happy to send you a replacement set of laces! Send us an email at In the subject line put 'lace request' and the photo of the shoe and lace you're looking for along with your shipping address. Then, we'll get back to you when we've found your lace! Please note that we quote up to 20-30 days for delivery.