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    Product Patent
    KEEN Toe Protection Sandals
    Newport® 7,234,251, 7,762,011, D583,544
    Venice 7,234,251, 7,762,011
    Whisper 7,234,251, 7,762,011
    Arroyo 7,234,251, 7,762,011
    Clearwater 7,234,251, 7,762,011
    Seacamp 7,234,251, 7,762,011
    KEEN UNEEK® 10,092,060, 10,390,584, 11,147,337, 11,185,121, 11,160,324, D737,561, D769,590, D849,386, D836,305, D798,565, D893,852, D890,479, D911,691, D911,692, D930,957, D931,592, D957,804, Patent Pending
    KEEN.Bellows Flex
    Portland Patent Pending
    Troy Patent Pending
    Kansas City, Kansas City+ Patent Pending
    Ridge Flex Patent Pending
    Tempo Flex Patent Pending
    Terradora Flex D948,193, Patent Pending
    Snow Troll Patent Pending
    Durand Evo Patent Pending
    Reno Patent Pending
    Troy Patent Pending
    Juneau Patent Pending
    Multi-Piece Midsole
    Detroit XT 7,290,356, 7,762,012
    Pittsburgh Energy 7,290,356, 7,762,012
    Key Hole Midsole
    Pittsburgh 6,775,930
    NXIS Patent Pending
    SpeedHound Patent Pending
    Drift Creed H2 Patent Pending
    Knotch Patent Pending
    SOLR Patent Pending
    Astoria West D923,301, Patent Pending
    Targhee® III D844,314, D831,327, D822,968, Patent Pending
    Venture D906,654, Pending
    Bali, Waimea 6,990,753, D528,748, D663,107
    Yogui, Shanti 7,997,009, 8,533,976, D522,723
    Footwear Measurement Device D840,253
    Footwear Packaging D539,644
    UNEEKBOT 10,791,800