Envirotrek Series 2015:

24 May: North Wales, United Kingdom
20 June: Landgraaf, the Netherlands
21 June: Eifel, Germany
28 June: Schoorl, the Netherlands
12 July: Freiburg, Germany
14 July: Mayrhofen-Hippach, Austria
22 July: Samoëns, France
20 August: Cesky Raj, Czech Republic
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Envirotrek 2014 from Respect the Mountains on Vimeo.

Let's keep our playground clear!

We need your support!

Join Respect the Mountains for this year's cleaning event the ENVIROTREK. An adventurous outdoor event, to preserve your favourite nature spot.

What is Envirotrek?

One hundred million tourists visit the European Alps each year and each of these tourists leave a footprint, often in the form of waste or rubbish. There is a need for on-the-ground action to remove this excess waste. The Envirotreks empowers participants to embrace sustainable tourism, all wrapped in a fun, one-day experience. Envirotrek is especially suitable for families with young children, it teaches the youngsters in a fun way about cleaning up rubbish in mountain areas. Curious? For more info go to Respect the Mountains.