• Follow Your Feet

    Not just by putting one foot in front of the other, but by trusting your gut. That’s why we explore. That’s why we improve. When the world has a positive impact on you, it’s good to return the favour.

    At least that’s what we think. So improve the world that improves you. And be good to each other. And we’ll do the same.

    Because when you truly follow your feet, you will make a difference.

  • What does follow your feet mean to us at KEEN?

    It means throwing ourselves into our work, playing hard and creating the world we want to live in one step at a time. From our ambassador team, to community work days, to Hybrid.Care partnerships with non-profits around the world we know it all adds up.

    If we live our passions and protect the things we love we will make a difference.

  • At KEEN we’re dedicated to making products for your adventures so nothing stands between you and your influence on the world.

    So get out there and enjoy!

Share your adventures and how you are making a difference using #followyourfeet to join the conversation.