Donning a Pink Tutu? KEEN Team Hops on Their Bikes for Worst Day of the Year Ride

KEEN participated in Portland’s 10th annual WORST DAY OF THE YEAR ride, Sunday Feb 13th ~ an event heralding riding in all kinds of weather, wearing crazy costumes and having fun. It was just an overall enjoyable cruise with old and young alike, many of which were dressed for show.

The ride was organized by the Community Cycling Center, an organization providing access to bicycling and its benefits through its hands-on programs, volunteer projects, and neighborhood bike shop.

The KEEN team is lined up and ready for the start…
Worst Day of the Year Ride

The official KEEN outfit – a pink tutu!
Worst Day of the Year Ride

At one point, we were stopped at a stop sign and Marco (one of our teammates) was having issues with his tutu.  He was mumbling something to the effect of ‘I need help with my tutu,’ and I think the older man next to him thought he was being asked to assist.

Towards the end of the ride, the KEEN team was coming down Sandy Blvd and noticed that an (unnamed) team member’s bike was randomly resting against a pole on the sidewalk, but there was nobody in sight.  We looked up and saw it was sitting outside a bar.  Found!  Decision made… a pint was split and we continued around the corner where the rest of the Warrior Riders awaited.

Most KEENERS rode the 18 mile city tour, while a couple super riders scaled the ridges above Portland, for a 45 mile leg burner.  This was KEEN’s first team ride at this event and we’re sure that we’ll be back!

Lunch break
Worst Day of the Year Ride