KEEN Ambassador Ernst Bromeis on a Water Mission!

Yesterday KEEN ambassador Ernst Bromeis started his 4 week tour around Switzerland at the Rütli, where Switzerland was founded in 1307.  He will swim through the biggest lakes in every region, in total a distance of over 300km. The distance between the lakes he will make by bicycle (1498km) or hiking.

Ernst Bromeis auf dem Weg Richtung Tellsplatte

With this project he wants to illustrate that water is not endless available to everyone. He also wants to emphasis the actual beauty of water and his appreciation for it. “Das Blaue Wunder” or ‘The Blue wonder” have a motto, everyone can learn from. “If I find something beautiful, then I appreciate and cherish it too.”

On his tour he is supported by WWF as well and both together tour the country explaining to people facts about water consumption and about the value of water. At this moment they tour made a stop at the Gotthard Pass. For more information, videos and photos please visit:

Das Blaue Wunder Website:

To see photos of the tour: go to his Flickr page:

For our German speakers a TV special about Ernst on Swiss Television: