My Love Affair with KEENs – Just a Girl Who Loves Her Shoes!

My Love Affair with Keen’s
This is NOT an advertisement! Just a girl who loves her shoes!

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

By Hannah Thompson of Palmyra, Virginia

I got my first pair of Keen’s when I was 18 years old. They were a gift and I wore them up until last year. They were good shoes and will be missed. I am lucky I was able to find another pair 2 years ago so, I had back up! My kids wear Keen’s too. They got their first ones last year when they were 3. Kids grow so fast and can be very hard on shoes. They have never worn through a pair of Keen’s shoes or sandals. They actually still look almost brand new! Let me tell you they have been through it all-mud, rocks, water, sand and endless hours of playtime. We are on a strict budget and with a family of 5, with four year old twin boys growing like weeds. It is hard to be able to afford shoes, let alone $40-$100 pairs of shoes. I have managed to find the boys Keen’s on sale and never have paid over $25 for them. I got my $90 pair on sale for $30. Even if I had to find some way to afford them full price, I would. You can not compare the fit, quality, durability and versatility to any other shoe I have ever worn. I am proud to support a company who makes an effort toward being sustainable. A company who gives back to the environment and people! I am so happy the cold and snow have passed- because we love to spend time in the outdoors. Hiking and playing in some sort of water is a regular in this house. I enjoy having shoes that can go from land right into water with NO problems!

Life is unpredictable- That is why we wear Keen’s

For example- I was pregnant with my daughter and took the boys walking by the Rivanna river last August- and they just decided they would get on in! Never mind the fact that we still needed to run errands- we just stayed and played and then headed home.Our feet were protected from the rocks and dried out quickly when we were done!

About Hannah

Hannah Thompson is a mother of 3 extraordinary children. She strives to live an eco-conscious lifestyle and thrive in the outdoors. Her ultimate goal is to one day live in a small sustainable community, where the little things in life are once again celebrated!