The Green Line Series: James Curleigh + KEEN Blaze a Trail in Sustainable Footwear

GoGreen 09
The Green Line Series
By littlegirlbigvoice

What does it mean to be sustainable? To be deeply green? Not to mince colors, but there’s a lot of gray surrounding the green scene. With that much uncertainty, how do you go about augmenting a genuine corporate pigment? There are a million things that go into it, but one crucial element is putting as much emphasis on “the green line” as you do on the bottom line.

In the Green Line Series, we interview representatives from government, non-profits, corporations and consulting firms to get the dish on how they’ve put sustainability up front and center.

This week’s interview is with James Curleigh, CEO of the pioneering footwear company, KEEN Footwear. Curleigh talks about the trailblazing responsibility that comes with being a young company, the importance of balance in your business model and living the Hybrid Life, both as a person and a corporation. If you are looking to start a business that has sustainability in mind from day one, his advice is invaluable. Already an established company? Learn how to take risks that will pay major dividends down the road.

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