KEEN Expands Distribution to Mexico Through Partnership with Deportes Martí

KEEN is now available in Mexico with sports specialty retailer Deportes Martí, making the KEEN brand available in Mexico for the first time.


Deportes Marti is the largest sports specialty retailer in Mexico with more than 100 stores, a web business and a chain of sports fitness clubs. Deportes Martí is also the largest road race organizer and event manager in Mexico.  The new partnership was announced by Deportes Martí located at their store in Álvaro Obregón (borough of Mexico City).

Renowned Mexican sailor Galia Moss, the first Latin-American woman to cross the Atlantic in a wind propelled vehicle, attended the event. The announcement fell close to the year anniversary of Moss’ historic 41-day voyage from Port of Vigo in the Northern part of Spain to the Mexican Caribbean. The sponsors of her voyage, by Televisa Foundation, ARA Foundation and the Provivah Trusteeship, pledged to donate one home to an impoverished family for every eight nautical miles. The pledge translated to 644 homes for families from Hidalgo, Tamaulipas and Michoacán.

“Galia Moss embodies the spirit of the KEEN community, filled with individuals who are creating possibilities, playing outside and caring for the world around them,” said Sergio Vallejo, Marketing Manager for Deportes Marti.