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Hello, my name is -

Chris Kassar

Salida, Colorado, United States
I've been a KEEN Ambassador since 2011

Day Job


She now works as the Senior editor of Elevation Outdoors Magazine and is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications including Mother Jones, WEND, & Women’s Adventure Magazine.

My Passion


Chris has an intense reverence for nature and a thirst for adventure. She’s most at peace in the outdoors and considers a successful year one where she spends more nights sleeping under than stars than under a ceiling. She’s scaled peaks and run rivers all over the US and in Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and Iceland. Over the past few years, Chris has increasingly turned her attention to using words and imagery to document these adventures and to bring attention to important issues.

What I want To Accomplish


Chris also earned her Master’s Degree in Conservation Biology and has worked for many years as an advocate for endangered species and wildlands. To this end, Chris co-founded Rios Libres, an organization dedicated to keeping rivers in Chilean Patagonia free from dams. Chris and the crew at Rios Libres directed and produced an award-winning documentary, Power in the Pristine, which helps illuminate the issues threatening wild rivers and gives voice to the Chilean people.

What I’ve Done Already


Chris was born and raised in New Jersey, and earned an undergraduate degree from Northwestern. Soon after graduating, she guided in various places including Denali, Canyonlands, Rocky Mountain and the Grand Canyon, and spent three years working in a wilderness therapy program with adjudicated youth.

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