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Hello, my name is -

James Q Martin

Flagstaff, Arizona, United States
I've been a KEEN Ambassador since 2011

Day Job


I am currently working on a new movie and short internet video series for the Rios Libres (RL) Project. If I am not busy with RL or shooting outdoor adventures, you will find me challenging myself on a rock face or my yoga mat.

My Passion


Having a desire to give back to the environment, I co-founded the Rios Libres Project (RL), which seeks to help keep Patagonia Chile wild. As part of RL, I co- directed the film ‘Power in the Pristine’ in hopes to bring global awareness to RL and its causes.

What I want To Accomplish


Rios Libres (RL) is of talented group of folks that are using multi-media to raise awareness against a mega-hydrological project that would industrialize Patagonia. A consortium of European and Chilean mega-companies seeks to place a total of five dams blocking the rivers that are the lifeblood in the heart of this diversely rich region.

What I’ve Done Already


I am a Flagstaff based photographer and filmmaker born in the Arizona desert and raised in the remote reaches of Alaska.

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