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Hello, my name is -

Forest Woodward

Brooklyn, New York, United States
I've been a KEEN Ambassador since 2012

Day Job


A professional photographer by trade, I have an abiding passion for travel, the out of doors, and engaging with new cultures and people along the way.

My Passion


When it comes to giving back I have found one of the most powerful ways I can do that is through putting my camera to work for NGO's and organizations that I feel are doing important work in the world and need help telling their story.

What I want To Accomplish


In April of this year I will be climbing Mt Whitney in order to photograph and raise funds for Big City Mountaineers, a program dedicated to bringing underprivileged inner city youth out on wilderness adventures.
I'm also working as the director of photography on an independent documentary about farm labor in the US, with the hopes that we can all come to realize a greater sense of gratitude for the farm laborers and families who put fresh fruit and vegetables on our tables yet struggle to feed themselves.

What I’ve Done Already


Documenting the work of Awamaki, an NGO located in rural Peru working with indigenous women's weaving cooperative. I also worked in Peru with El Por Venir, an organization working to bring clean water to rural areas in Nicaragua, and WAVEs for Development, an organization dedicated to youth empowerment through surf and community projects in NW Peru.

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