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Hello, my name is -

Jasper Doest

Kempisstraat, Holland / Nederland
I've been a KEEN Ambassador since 2010

Day Job


I am a dedicated photographer based in The Netherlands. I professionalize in nature-, wildlife- and conservation photography. Throughout my work and I try to show the beauty and fragility of our natural world.

My Passion


Besides photography, I offer complete nature articles, lectures and photographic tours worldwide.

What I want To Accomplish


Through my work I try to share the beauty, fragility and excitement of this big natural playground

What I’ve Done Already


My photographic work is represented by Foto Natura and Minden Pictures. Through this way I am able to supply a wide range of subjects to publishers, editors and advertisers worldwide. Over the past years, my photographs have received several international awards and have been published by a variety of renowned international media.

Where I Hang Out

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