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Hello, my name is -

Rue Mapp

Albany, California, United States
I've been a KEEN Ambassador since 2012

Day Job


"Rue is now serving as program officer at the Foundation for Youth Investment, overseeing its youth investment program that connects programs with the resources they need to get underrepresented youth to engage meaningfully with the outdoors. Most importantly, Rue is the mother of three active kids!"

My Passion


"Rue was troubled by the consistently low numbers of African Americans participating in these activities. So for two decades, Rue has used digital media as an important and practical tool to connect with people of color who share her outdoor interests. Outdoor Afro emerged naturally from these experiences."

What I want To Accomplish


"Outdoor Afro is a community that reconnects African-Americans with natural spaces and one another through recreational activities such as camping, hiking, biking, birding, fishing, gardening, skiing — and more! Outdoor Afro uses social media to create interest communities, events, and to partner with regional and national organizations that support diverse participation in the Great Outdoors."

What I’ve Done Already


"During her childhood, founder Rue Mapp split her time between urban Oakland, California and her families’ working ranch in the Northern woodlands, where she cultivated a passion for natural spaces, farming, and learned how to hunt and fish. As a youth, her participation in the Girl Scouts and Outward Bound broadened her outdoor experiences, such as camping, mountaineering, rock climbing, and road bicycling."

Where I Hang Out

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