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Hello, my name is -

Nick Greece

Wilson, Wyoming, United States
I've been a KEEN Ambassador since 2012

Day Job


I edit a magazine, do public relations for the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (, and am the President of the Cloudbase Foundation.

My Passion


I am passionate about creating opportunities for life/work balance to tip towards the life side of the scale. I am passionate about working with others to actualize their dreams whether it be through development projects or working with paralyzed veterans to become certified paragliding pilots. I am passionate about traveling and growing my world view to become an educated global citizen.

What I want To Accomplish


There are many countries yet to visit, lessons to learn, and evolution of ideas to see through. I would like to see the WheelsUp adaptive paragliding program become a nation wide opportunity for anyone interested in learning to fly.

What I’ve Done Already


I am the President of the Cloudbase Foundation (, Co-Founder, test pilot, and head trainer for the WheelsUp adaptive paragliding program, I’ve won the Paragliding World Cup America’s champion title, US National Championship, and am on the US National Paragliding Team. I hold site records in numerous states, including first American to fly over 200 miles from a mountain launch and longest flight of any American in a paraglider at 260 miles, have a job that allows me to live a true Hybrid lifestyle, and have floated the Snake River with only the use of water wings

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