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Hello, my name is -

J.D. Platt

Bend, Oregon, United States
I've been a KEEN Ambassador since 2010

Day Job


Touring the United States as a Professional Dog Entertainer demonstrating tricks, obedience and amazing athleticism with my team of eleven dogs, known as the K9 Kings Flying Dog Show. Along with this truly unique and amazing career I’m a full-time dad raising an awesome, fun and athletic little nine year old boy.

My Passion


I have always loved animals and feel very lucky that I work with dogs everyday of my life. I also enjoy the outdoors and sports ( Disc Golf, Snowboarding, Skiing, Paddleboarding, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Golf, Tennis & Yoga) I’m an animal advocate, raising rescue dogs, shelter dogs and bringing awareness to Animal Shelters throughout the country. Last but not least I truly believe in helping maintain a clean and healthy environment for our future generations

What I want To Accomplish


I want to make a difference in the lives of people with dogs by raising awareness of proper nutrition, exercise and training. Owning and properly caring for dogs can ensure you have a happy, healthy dog and owner.

What I’ve Done Already


I feel very lucky to be raising my son by traveling the country and touching the lives of people with my K9 Kings Flying Dog Show. This is an amazing opportunity to teach him to be a very diverse person and see what a difference you can make by working hard, educating people with the gifts you’ve been given and having goals. I also have shown myself and my son that dreams do come true… I’m living proof from my Professional Snowboard career to my current Professional Entertainment career that anything is possible in life!

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